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3 Unconventional Reasons for Solopreneurs’ Failure

Irrespective of your marital status and the load of family responsibilities lying on your back, your decision to begin your journey of a solopreneur is highly appreciable. If you have just started, congratulations; if your business is running with flying colors, then I am very happy for you.

Having said that, let me remind you that the title of this article shouldn’t freak you out. Failure, in its real sense, is an awakening to the soul that has landed in a comfort zone and might have forgotten to innovate.

During my six years of experience working closely with multiple solopreneurs and entrepreneurs (who once started as solopreneurs), I noticed a common trait — being a total control freak. Yes, I agree you are a one-man-army burning the midnight oil, generating leads, sending invoices, launching campaigns, scheduling meetings and most importantly, running a business.

There are many reasons why a solopreneur business might fail. It could be burnout, bad marketing, financial losses, family responsibilities and many others. However, one thing that goes unnoticed, yet a strong contributor to failure in solopreneur business, is “the subtle art of being a control freak”.

Amidst all these, here are some common and convincing reasons that could lead to failure in your solopreneur business, yet could go unnoticed.

You are not exercising enough.

Exercise is a ritual that needs to be practiced by every single solopreneur no matter how busy you are.

Not exercising enough is the top reason why solopreneurs fail, and let me tell you why. You are working all day, sleeping late, waking up early, rewarding yourself with a nice beer or dinner to keep the stress away, and there you go, you are good to make it to the next week. However, your body and mind are not programmed to this kind of relaxation, leading to a huge damage on the inside.

The ultimate goal of being a solopreneur is to avoid burnout because that could cost you your brand reputation in the market. Hence, it is essential to follow a regular exercise routine that suits your lifestyle. Be it meditation, yoga, gym, jogging or light walking — any kind of physical activity gives you some alone time coupled with a decluttering of your mind to let new thoughts flow in.

You are obsessed with work.

I know you love your business, you love everything about making it the best in the market. However, there is a thin line between love and obsession and it is essential to know where you are standing at the moment. To begin with, let’s try answering some questions.

  • You wake up tired.
  • You don’t have a track of time.
  • You don’t have time to cook, eat, exercise or read.
  • You are checking your business emails during dinner.
  • You are thinking about what to do next all the time.
  • You haven’t learned anything new in the last 30 days.
  • You don’t remember the last time you had the hearty laugh.
  • You don’t leave a single opportunity to check on your work phone.
  • You don’t have separate work and personal phone numbers.
  • You are on a constant shopping spree to look like an entrepreneur.

Does any of these sound familiar? If yes, then it’s time you rethink your obsession with your business. It is not bad to be madly in love with your business goals, but extremes of anything is always a danger spot.

You want to add a personal touch to everything.

During the initial days of your business, you might be handling multiple tasks single-handedly. However, as the days go by and you have more projects, you cannot opt for the same old practice as that eliminates the core objective of why you started.

Remember this, if you are handling your social media management for the first 1 year of business launch, it doesn’t mean you have to do that during the entire tenure of your business. With time, there is a need to delegate certain tasks — you can consider hiring freelancers from Upwork/Fiverr on a per project basis — such as a social media manager for an hourly rate or a graphic designer for a fixed-price.

Hiring freelancers, or contract employees, and taking help from someone, who is not you, indicates growth. It means, your business is growing and you are on the path to becoming an entrepreneur.

Isn’t that why you started?

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