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6 Universal Resume Writing Hacks for Professionals

For every single job opening today, there are hundreds of resumes being submitted daily. The competition is even tougher when you are a high-end professional in a sector such as IT. A lot then depends on your ability to come up with a creative resume which is informative and innovative at the same time. Here are some resume writing tips that will help you stay ahead of the lot if you are an aspiring high-end professional:

First impression is everything

Since an employer has to go through thousands of resumes, it is important that your resume grabs his or her attention in the first few seconds. Most employers won’t read a resume beyond half a page if they are not interested. This is exactly why your achievements should be succinctly highlighted at the beginning of the resume.

The Summary should be simple yet superb

A short job experience summary will often decide whether your resume stands out or not. These three or four lines will not have any details but will tell a story about who you are, what your achievements are and what are the job roles you will be great at.

Don’t make silly mistakes on your resume

You must be careful enough not to make common resume mistakes such as using personal pronouns or speaking in first person. You must remember that a resume is ultimately business communication so a telegraphic style must be followed. Articles and pronouns should be sparsely used.

Focus on Technical skill set

As an IT professional applying for a job you must provide a detailed account of IT education and work experience. You must mention all the specific aspects of IT you are acquainted with such as operating system, computer language and networking etc.

Use bullet points to drive your point home

The organization of your resume is important and all the information should be organized in a clutter free and hassle free way. Use bullets, heading and subheadings in place of long paragraphs to sustain interest in your resume.

The Right type of resume matters

If you have a good work experience history, then you should opt for the chronological resume. If you want the resume to highlight your skills, then a functional resume is a good choice. You must also ensure that the length does not go out of hand even though it needs to be detailed. Your resume should also have a proper cover to go with it.

Keywords are the key

You must ensure that your resume has the right keywords that hiring agencies are looking for. This will make your resume seem more pertinent to the field you are looking for a job in.

Employment history should be detailed

Employment history must include details about size, industry, sector and other essential facts which increase chances of your employability. There is tremendous competition between high end professionals and you must ensure that you “brand” yourself well to stand out.

A lot of people ignore the importance of their resumes and simply use a stock template. But this automatically ensures that half of their resumes are not read. So in order to be an IT professional who is valued in the market, you need to have a resume with great content.

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