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Tips to design a killer corporate portfolio

If designing a compelling corporate portfolio seems like a big challenge to you, then you are not alone. In the current promotion-savvy world, your business needs extraordinary and smart marketing strategies. A brand’s corporate portfolio is no exception to this but the key is to drive your efforts in the right direction. A well-designed brand portfolio contributes to strategic lead generation and promotion of sales.

Businesses across the globe are looking for a killer corporate portfolio to promote their brands. Listed below are some excellent tips that can help you define a result-oriented corporate portfolio strategy – one that attracts attention, keeps your potential customers engrossed, and encourages them to take an action.

Tip #1 Be noticed with an unconventional layout

Each business is different and so should be their business portfolios. Go the extra mile to create an unconventional layout and stand out. From thumbnails with hover-over animation to interactive portfolios and classy typefaces – there’s no limit to creative elements that you can include in your portfolio’s layout. Think out of the box to inspire and delight your customers.

Tip #2 Focus on visuals

While muted colors or grayscale visuals work best in creating a professional and sophisticated look, bright colors tend to create a striking effect with their presence. So, don’t forget to experiment with different color palettes to know what works great for your website and business domain.

Tip #3 Showcase your best work 

Now, this one is a no-brainer, but then again, it is one of the most easily ignored elements of a corporate portfolio. Your portfolio must not include all the clients that you have worked for. Take some time out to find the best of your work, and include just that. Remember that web users have short attention spans, so show them your best work while they are there.

Tip #4 Keep the content crisp and concise

Content can make or break your corporate portfolio. In an attempt to highlight your achievements, do not go overboard with content. You can leave a great impression even with crisp and concise content. Give your words ample room to catch the eye and create an impact.

Tip #5 Include genuine testimonials and client information

Give your portfolio an authentic human element with genuine testimonials and client information. If possible, then provide your clients’ website URLs below the testimonials to show that they are legit. This simple step will help you will build a great trust amongst your audience.

Tip #6 Add an effective CTA

Know the goal that you want to attain through your portfolio and emphasize on it through persuasive and strategic call-to-action (CTA). This will guide your audience to take the next step. Once you have got the attention of your audience, show them the way to initiate contact through tabs like ‘Request A Quote’, ‘Subscribe For New Information’, ‘Follow Us On Social Media’, etc.

Tip #7 Update your portfolio regularly

Change is the only constant thing in this world. Your business gets new clients. Your revenues improve. Your teams learn new skills. You deliver better results. That’s why updating your portfolio regularly with the latest samples of your best work is a must.

Create a standard and dedicated style guidelines for your brand and use the same to create and showcase your portfolio. From the portfolio structure to content flow and image arrangement, be consistent at your end and never leave space for any inconsistency. Nevertheless, your portfolio should reflect cohesiveness, not confusion.

If you’re interested in what you’ve just read but aren’t sure where to begin, we are Contenu are here to help you. Drop in an inquiry and we will get in touch with you.

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