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Five Predicted Trends For Digital Content Marketing In 2019

Content marketing still rules the roost when it comes to being everyone’s favourite marketing strategy. Brands are lapping up the idea of innovative storytelling through engaging content and increased competition means newer trends.  Here’s a quick run-down of the latest digital marketing developments that will dominate 2019.

Email integration will reach a new high

Ever since emails were invented, mailers have been the go-to avenue for marketing. Companies love blasting your Inbox with new discounts, newsletters and exclusive offers. But a modern customer refuses to remain satisfied with stock template-based emails. They love the personalisation and digital marketers need to rely more on customisation to form that connect with their target audience. A personalised email reminding your customer about an abandoned cart surely strikes a chord amidst the long list of unread emails.

The “size” of content marketing teams will grow

Content marketing is still the new kid on the block, meaning that most brands and companies are still working with unorganized content development teams. However, since the demand for content keeps on evolving most brands want to expand their team of in-house content writers. Some are even willing to outsource the work to content marketing agencies and freelance writers. Original content is now a capital in its own right. Content marketing teams now combine designers, photographers and writers to create comprehensive digital marketing campaigns.

Voice search optimisation is the future

Every other household now relies on an Alexa or Google Home.  Many people also use mobile-based voice assistants such as Siri regularly. Content marketers now realise that voice search optimisation is as important in today’s market as the search engine optimisation. More and more content writers are trying to write headlines framed in formats similar to what people might ask a voice assistant. For instance, articles which are simple product descriptions won’t work and instead, the content should be “written” like a solution. This is because people are most likely to ask Alexa or Siri about solutions to problems.

The strategy is as essential as the calendar

Previously the content marketer’s toolkit majorly composed of a schedule/calendar and a list of avenues. But in recent years, analytical studies of digital marketing are taking the centre-stage and brands are now carefully studying bounce rates and conversion rates. This means digital marketers are now looking at planning cohesive and coherent campaign strategies based on analytics.  They are also taking into account overall traffic, user feedback, content syndication, demographic-based segregation and other such factors.

Live videos will be used to influence customers

Live video is hardly a new future anymore but brands have been sceptical about its power. Most companies consider live videos to be too “personal” and “informal” as a content marketing avenue. But brands and marketers slowly realise that a well-produced live video can really reach out to even the most cynical of customers. Live videos which answer frequently asked questions about your product or service are working more than infomercials. Influencers using live videos to talk about your brand or product are enjoying greater conversion rates since consumers love the intimate and “real” feel of these live videos.

It’s a new year, and it’s time to re-invent how your brand thinks about digital marketing. The virtual world is a battlefield but strategic and intelligently placed content will always shine in the cyberspace. As the new year approaches, follow these and other developing trends to get your brand’s marketing ahead of the game.

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