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How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone! – Handy Tips Included.

The idea of incorporating content marketing does not necessarily strike to be a foreign concept, having been around for nearly a century now. However, as a discipline it witnessed a monumental paradigm shift only from 2007, according to statistics, owing greatly to the global digitization taking place in leaps and bounds.

Like a lot of newer avenues birthed in the digital sphere, content marketing as a concept too might be difficult to explain in all its multifaceted applications. Those pursuing the profession are often at a loss when trying to explain what they do to their relatives, and even prospective clients. Here is an article that will help shed light on the profession of content marketing, and its applications.

How to Explain Content Marketing to your Family?

Content marketers often find the biggest hurdle when they try to explain what their jobs entail to their nearest and dearest. Since they might not be familiar with the intricacies of marketing, content or otherwise, it is best to explain it to them in very simple terms, with examples drawn from instances they might themselves have observed in their everyday lives.

One aspect that can help clarify the vague idea one may have of content marketing, is understanding that it serves more of an educational and interactive purpose to the customers, rather than dealing exclusively with the products being sold by the company.

How to Explain Content Marketing to Clients and Prospective Marketers?

Often, a content marketer may realize that they must explain the need for content marketing (and what it entails) to companies and clients, owing to it being less mainstream than traditional product marketing efforts. The goal of establishing a strong interactive connection with the audience-base, and transforming them into loyal customers can be achieved through content marketing like no other avenue of marketing.

Content marketing allows companies to take a step away from the ‘brand’, products, and services, and understand their audience’s demands, and take stock of how they can fill up this gap better than their competitors. Including a variety of mediums in its arsenal, content marketing allows for engagement through educational articles, videos, e-books, webinars, blogs, social media posts, and so on.

What Makes a Successful Content Marketer?

Content marketing can perhaps be best explained to anyone by making them understand what its purpose is. Here are a few aspects where Content Marketing becomes indispensable:

Attracting the Right People (potential customers)

To reach the top of the search results on search engines like Google, by default increases a company’s visibility. Content marketers create SEO-optimized content in the form of blog posts, website content, e-books, social media posts, and so on, to help products and services reach their target consumers.

Building an interested and engaged audience

A content marketer not only knows what content works for the target audience and how to reach them but also knows how to draw in this audience and convert them into consumers. Once the audience is identified, the content marketing efforts help boost sales by gathering insights, interacting with loyal customers, and so on.

Acquiring New Clients

Content marketing not only allows for strengthening the existing customer base and converting them into brand loyalists but also the expansion of this target audience base.

Boost Revenue with Existing Clients

Incidentally, content marketing can help boost sales even within the existing customer base, by incentivizing the brand loyalists through cross-selling and up-selling. Some brands even end up monetizing the marketed content itself!

To sum it up, though existing for a long time now, content marketing is still seen as a relatively novel profession with ‘vague’ connotations to the layman and traditional clients. To explain what ‘content marketing’ really is, you really need to break it down to the basics and explain the avenue to people in a manner they can easily grasp!

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