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5 Ways to Declutter your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

Consider the amount of content a digitally active business creates every year. Social media posts, web pages, bylined articles, blog posts, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, e-guides, press releases, rich media, and a lot more.

While all these are essential elements of a stellar brand content marketing strategy, no business wants to get drowned in a digital detritus.

We know the amount of efforts that go into a brand’s content marketing efforts every quarter, and have come up with some simple tips to declutter the same.

If you are looking for some simple ways to declutter your content marketing strategy this year, then here you go.

Perform a Content Audit

Yes, content is king – but a large amount of content doesn’t necessarily mean high success rate and improved ROI.

Quality over quantity is the key when it comes to content, which is why a strategic audit of your brand’s content marketing tactics would be called for.

By conducting a thorough audit of your brand’s published content as well as content marketing strategy, you will know where all your content has reached and how different content formats are performing.

Above all, it will provide you with key information about the content you can keep, the content you need to get rid of, and the content you must create for stepping up your marketing efforts.

Discard, Reuse and Repurpose Old Content

Every business has some content which has either gone unpublished, turned irrelevant or had never served any purpose in the first place. Reviving useful, quality content in your content marketing strategy can help you gather more traffic instantly.

  • Take a detailed look at your brand’s entire content repository and figure outposts that are irrelevant, not-so-engaging and haven’t performed well. Discard them.
  • Similar, identify content that is still relevant to the current industry trends. Reuse them by reposting or republishing it on social media sites.
  • Just as importantly, repurpose content which needs some tweaks here and there. You could try creating informative videos or interesting infographics from older content.
Create Meaningful Content Categories 

Listing all of your content on a single page is a huge mistake when it comes to smart content marketing. It creates more on-screen clutter, rather than promoting traffic and site clicks.

You should try categorizing your entire published content using article tags and topics, group related content in separate sections.

Doing this will ensure that your audience isn’t bombarded with multiple pieces of content. This helps your site visitors easily find what they are looking for, and most importantly, find your site structure visually appealing.

Create a Content Calendar

Speaking of decluttering your brand’s content marketing strategy also includes having an organized system to create and publish content. Create a content editorial calendar, and you will get an easy way to eliminate chaos.

A successful content marketing strategy also calls for a better organization and scheduling of the content publishing plan. First of all, a unified content marketing plan help align people and processes and acts as a team mental model.

So, plan, organize and schedule your content across multiple platforms in advance to bird’s-eye view of your strategy, as well as to identify and fix any loopholes well in advance.

Don’t Go Overboard

Remember that when it comes to your brand content, less is more. Studies reveal that churning too much content is bad for your brand’s engagement.

All you need to do is stop creating too much content and publishing it everywhere you can. Instead of creating emotionless and dull content, focus on creating meaningful and inspiring brand stories that help connect with your audience.

If you wish to declutter your brand content strategy, then you need to think strategically and with a clear mind. Declutter your content by decluttering thoughts, words and random statements. Create content that Matters by getting down to the crux of the matter and surprise your audience with relevant content.

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