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Content Strategy for your Brand’s Social Media Management

Social media is a lot like that secret superpower that everyone has in their marketing arsenal but has a hard time figuring out how to fire the digital marketing machine gun.

Did you know that 22% of the world population is now on Facebook and 450 million LinkedIn profiles floating in the cyberspace making it easier to find your target audience sitting there waiting to be hit by the right brand at the right time.

If you’re wondering how can you achieve that, you need to master the art of social media management. Social media content is an art form in itself and you need to know the right brushstrokes to create a masterpiece.

In this article, we will discuss the five killer factors that can make or break your Content Strategy for Social Media:

Social Media Goals and Business Targets Need to be Best Friends

Your social media campaign might go viral but if it’s not in sync with your brand image and your product, it will take you nowhere. This is why content strategy for social media must focus on telling the world that your brand is a wonderful story worth reading.

Your “audience” need to feel welcomed to your website through retweets, shares and interactive polls. This means that any content you create must focus on inviting the ever-so-distracted internet user to your virtual home- your website!

Which Social Network is the Best Fit for Your Business

You really need to know your target audience and their demographics like the back of your palm because your content strategy depends on the platform you choose.

For instance, if you brand caters mainly to women, Pinterest is what you should be interested in. If you cater to the millennial community, your content strategy for social media must have Instagram as its centerpiece.

Keyword is the Keyword

The internet is like a vast ocean where an audience has a lot to choose from. You need to anchor yourself and then lure them to your star cruise using your content strategy. You need to research extensively and figure out exactly what your target audience types into the search bar after they have had a long day.

Then you can create fun interactive posts using those keywords and in no time, you will be flooded with tones of enthusiastic and excited visitors. You need to carefully choose your hashtags and key phrases because they are the virtual traffic police that can guide your audience in the direction of your website.

Scheduling is Central!

Your genuine audience will love consistency.

  • Imagine watching the pilot episode of a show which starts off a thriller and then becomes a comic caper by the fifth episode.
  • The audience will get bored and start watching a different show. This is exactly what happens in the case of social media content.
  • The timing is everything and you must constantly cater to and live up to what your audience is expecting.

You also need to know the time period when your target audience is most active online because otherwise your content firing squad might as well as the fire blanks if the target is busy sleeping.

Go Organic!

Every social media content strategist worth his or her salt knows that you need to have a healthy mix of organic and inorganic promotion to make your content strategy work.

Organic is basically the promotion that happens naturally and inorganic promotion is the artificial boosting of your social media following by paying money. But just like in the case of vegetables, experts are advising that when it comes to content strategy for social media, organic is the route you should take.

In the case of paid promotion, your competitor might have more cash to shell out but it is the quality of your content that makes all the difference. This is why organic growth leads to more long term benefits and can even lead to a lot of cost cutting in the future.

It can also be an amazing testing ground for paid promotions before money is spent on an advertising campaign. If you truly want to unleash the marketing superhero in you, content strategy in social media is the bat mobile of choice. It can truly take your brand places.

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