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Content Marketing for Restaurants – All you need to know!

Content marketing is, in its essence, a form of brand marketing. The agenda of content marketing for a restaurant, like any other form of marketing, would be to attract and bring in new customers while keeping the existing customer-base of your restaurant engaged. It entails that you create exciting content that helps in disseminating relevant and crucial information about your establishment to hook in your existing, as well as potential diners. Taking into account the sheer amount of content consumed by customers- on social media, video platforms, and so on,  the need for good content marketing, to make your restaurant stand out amongst the rest, is all the more urgent!

Avenues of Content Marketing


Creating a dedicated website or blog for your restaurant is the best way to engage your customers. You could put up engrossing content pertaining to interesting trivia about your establishment and staff, food recipes, and culinary trends. Add pictures and videos to make it visually interesting and interactive.

YouTube Videos

You can invite guest chefs or big names in the hospitality industry to hold talks. Recipe videos and food trends are a big win as well! You can even help promote local artists through your youtube channel. You can link your video content to your blog or website, and social media.

Social Media

People today can spend hours scrolling through Instagram or other social media, lost in visual aesthetics. This is the perfect medium for you to establish a solid presence and interact with your diners directly. You can put up professionally shot photographs of dishes from your menu, as well as feature some choice pictures clicked by your diners themselves! This is bound to increase the engagement of your page and coupled with engaging text (perhaps a snippet from your blog posts) and proper hashtags, your business is bound to boom! You can also cross-promote your youtube and blog posts from your social media, for a quicker call-to-action.

Content Marketing – Is it Worth the Investment?

Going by recent market research, content marketing yields about thrice as much result as compared to traditional forms of marketing, while costing at least 62% less. Investing in it is not only a prudent option for starting out diners but also well-established restaurants. The amount of reach that content marketing has the potential to give you, is unprecedented. The kind of content marketing you use defines your brand image while making your establishment more personable and approachable. Your relationship forged with the customers will encourage loyalty, and make your restaurant thrive and throng.

Here are a few pointers on how to formulate a successful content marketing strategy and adequately utilize it:

Identify your Goals and Formulate a Strategy

Strategize. Have a very clear idea of who the target audience for your restaurant is, and cater your content towards their interests.

Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar is essential as this gives you an overview of the content you are putting across, and when. You can generate content geared towards festivals and holidays, or have a specific theme of content that you are consistently putting out on a specific day of the week.

Outline your Content and Find your Voice

While you prepare your calendar, ensure that there is a unified theme that is viable for cross-promotion across platforms. Your brand should be easily identified in your unique characteristic voice and house-style- the logo of your restaurant, font selection, video and images, the overall selection of color palettes and aesthetics, and so on.

Repurpose your Content and Optimise it

Rather than the ‘bulk’ of content that you create for marketing your restaurant, what is more important is, how effectively you put it to use. You can re-purpose sections of your blog posts for Facebook and Instagram, and run your television commercials on YouTube as well. Link all your cross-promoted content to each other, thus magnifying your reach. Use a specific selection of keywords consistently, and use the same keywords on your blog posts, website, social media and so on, to optimize your content for the Web. Use alt tags on your images, and ensure that they have a smaller file size so they load faster.

Dedicated Content Marketing Teams

Content marketing is a taxing job, especially when you have a restaurant to run. At the nascent stages, your creative input is essential to establish the voice of the marketing efforts. However, to ensure regular and consistent content being put out across multiple platforms, keep a designated person for content management. Not only should they ensure that our content calendar is followed, but also track the success of the content marketing strategies that you are employing. They should interact with your customers and receive feedback on social media or other platforms, and tweak the content strategy based on it.

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