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Content Marketing is Keywords and More!

At the heart of brand positioning lies a simple objective – to win customers through powerful content. While many still think that content is all about words, the present-day world of marketing begs to differ. We totally back the idea that high-quality writing is a key to successful brand marketing. However, we do support the idea that it takes more than just words to create a difference in the present visually-inspiring era.

Today, content is no longer limited to keywords. Brands across industries have experimented in taking content beyond the restrictions of the alphabets, words and sentences. We’ve curated give real-world examples to showcase how brands have taken a leap by using unique storytelling techniques to create exciting content.

charity: water

A picture is worth a thousand words and charity: water certainly knows how to use pictures to create a strong impact on its audience. This non-profit organization that aims to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing countries posts engaging images to its Instagram profile – sharing its mission with visual storytelling. While the non-profit regularly posts awe-inspiring photos on Instagram, just a few words are all it needs to complete the essence of the post.


Zendesk is the perfect example of how creative content can outdo the competition. When this cloud-based customer support service realized that people are searching for its alternative, it didn’t publish a series of content listing the USPs of Zendesk. Rather, the company created a unique campaign and launched a mini-site with the keyword phrase “Zendesk Alternative”.

Consequently, potential customers were intrigued to know more about Zendesk, rather than looking for other alternatives – all thanks to the powerful and riveting content of Zendesk Alternative – which had less to do with words and everything to do with creativity.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Fuelling customer experience through interactive content has become a norm in this day and age. What text is unable to do alone can be done with images, interactive maps, and a lot more. That’s what JPMorgan Chase & Co. understands quite well. The company has a dedicated webpage “Interactive Maps and Data Visualization” sharing interactive content for better audience engagement.

With in-depth and entertaining content that includes interactive elements like infographics, Did-You-Know blurbs, etc. this financial giant shows why words aren’t always enough to improve customer reach across channels.


One of the world’s most valuable luxury brands, Hermès also ranks high on delivering true-value content to its audience. The rich heritage of the brand and its attention to detail has even extended to the content it shares on the web.

By triggering interest through compelling video productions, be it the recently launched “Home collections” video or the much-famous “Fauna and flora” video published by the brand in 2016 – Hermès understands the value of visuals and sounds in bringing its audience closer to the brand through content that is nothing less than a visceral delight.


When it comes to promoting a brand with striking content, GoPro is way ahead than the rest of its contenders. The company has put customer experience at the forefront of its content marketing strategy. With user-generated content, it not only inspires people to buy and try its products but also posts exclusive user videos captured with GoPro technology – building a brand presence that is second to none. With a built-in distribution model of its followers, the company has taken conventional content to another level.

Having said that, Content Marketing Agencies, such as Contenu, strive to achieve a remarkable balance between the written content and visual content to create highly engaging and inspiring brand stories.

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