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Blogging Tips for Your Personal and Company Branding Strategies

Wondering how can you make a successful blogging routine and generate excellent audience engagement and drive desired results. Well, there is no shortcut to successful blogging, but some simple hacks will do the job for you. Our experts at Contenu have come up with some effective ways that can help you drive traffic to your website through blogs and get the results that your content marketing strategy seeks.

Find your target audience
What is the demographics of your website visitors? What is the average time they spend on your site? Which are the most-visited sections of your website? With tools like Google Analytics, it has become easier for marketers to find all such information that defines their target audience. Once you know your audience well, you will be able to set the right tone of your blog and increase its readership.

Crowd-source content
In order to make your blogs strike the right chord with your audience, it is important to include their thoughts into your content. Crowd sourcing can go a long way to connect your brand with your audience. Through surveys, forums, social media contests and page discussions, you can ask for opinions and ideas that you can quote within your blogs. If conducting a contest or discussion looks like a time-consuming activity, then you can always read your customers’ comments on your social media posts and get information about the topics that interest them the most.

Educate your readers
Your blog readers invest their time and efforts to read something that you share. Have you ever wondered – what is it that you deliver to them? By reading what you have shared are they getting any useful information? When you provide something new through your blogs, you keep your audience hooked to your website’s blog section. This gives you more readers, a better website traffic and, ultimately, increased leads.

Incite action
While providing meaningful, unique information does help to increase your blog’s readership, it would just be a futile task if it doesn’t lead to any action. State some clear-cut action points through your blogs. Help your readers know what is it that they need to do next. Calls-to-action (CTAs) can do the trick.

Leverage ‘Diversified Blogging’
When it comes to writing blogs, don’t let your content get stuck in a rut. Give a boost to your words through rich media. Images, videos, slides and infographics among others can give that much-needed impetus to your blogs in attracting more audience.

Smart Promotion
Simply writing compelling content isn’t enough. Promoting it right is equally important. How will your readers find your latest blog post, if you won’t promote it well? Making your blogs accessible is important and this is what promotion helps with. Share your blogs on social media sites. An exciting introduction will help you attract more readers. Meanwhile, including social media plugins on your blog section contributes to social sharing with ease. Send emails about your latest blogs to customers who are your regular readers and who have subscribed to your website blog.

Consistent Blogging
The importance of consistent blogging couldn’t be stressed enough. If you share a blog only when you feel like it, then it is never going to yield the right results. In fact, an abandoned, poorly managed blog section of your website shows your brand in a bad light. Create an editorial calendar and stick to it. The key is to share high quality, valuable content and being consistent with it.

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