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LinkedIn Marketing for Personal Branding & Networking – Entrepreneurs

If you want to build a personal brand that will make the right kind of noise, you need to have a brilliant LinkedIn profile in place. No matter how occupied you are with work, you need to ensure that your marketing on LinkedIn is on point. Here are ten tips that will ensure you making a mark in the world of LinkedIn:

Get your Basics Right! 

A lot of people tend to have outdated LinkedIn profiles with old information. But if you are on the lookout for an exciting new business offer, you cannot afford to have information that’s not updated. It makes you look unprofessional and careless. There are two particular areas you need to focus on while updating your profile:

Professional Headline

The purpose of the headline is to get people interested in visiting your profile. You can choose to either showcase your present designation and company or you can choose to focus on your area of expertise.

Location and Industry

Make sure that these two fields are constantly updated from time to time because they are the foundation of who you are on LinkedIn. Ensure that whatever you post on LinkedIn including photos and videos belong completely to you.

Use Professional Display Pic

LinkedIn is meant for professional networking and in order to craft a powerful personal brand for yourself you need to be attentive towards each element of your profile. Photographs make a lot of impact and so you must ensure that your LinkedIn profile is one you would use for social media or on a dating app. Also pictures of your pets and your significant other are a complete no no.

Catchy Cover Image

If your LinkedIn profile looks drab, then you need to jazz it up with a nice background picture. You can use PNG, JPEG or GIF files according to your convenience.

Summarize accurately

It is very important that you are able to market yourself properly to connections and acquaintances. Your summary should be brief, precise and have necessary information about your career achievements and areas of specialization. There is an old debate about whether first person summaries work more than third person summaries. In any case, consistency is the key. Also take care to avoid jargon which doesn’t make sense to most people.

Stay Away from Typos

You should take special care to avoid misspelling words and grammatical mistakes. You should focus on syntax and clarity of structure and information. A carelessly maintained profile is likely to get fewer followers with each coming day.

Don’t be casual about keywords

Keywords must be chosen with utmost care to ensure that your profile has enough visibility. Keywords should be properly spread out in headline, summary and profile to make you accessible to potential connections or professional opportunities.

Personalize Profile URL

By default Netflix awards us a profile URL which is a combination of letters, numbers and backslashes. This URL does not help your personal brand in any way.  Hence it is extremely important to customize your URL to ensure that your public profile has a link that’s relevant to your personal branding

Add more sections

Use the full extent of LinkedIn’s features to ensure that your profile looks comprehensive. You can add sections about honors and awards, causes that you espouse and volunteering experience.  This adds more depth to your profile and helps in solidifying and consolidating your brand.

Send Personalized invitations

Instead of going ahead with the default LinkedIn stock message, drop in a line which is warm and welcoming at the sometime. This establishes the fact that your brand wishes to think “differently” right from the onset.

LinkedIn has become the online hub for professional networking and you must ensure that your personal profile and brand leaves its own mark there.

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