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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is any machine which can mimic cognitive functions associated with the human brain- particularly, ‘learning’ and problem-solving. This technology has come a long way from its conception as a mere theory by Alan Turing in the ‘50s, to defeating chess grandmasters or even writing screenplays from scratch!

Machine-learning algorithms have taken over the realm of marketing- allowing one to sift through an overwhelming amount of data with ease, deliver better customer experience, and generate new content in a flash. AI has been a game changer in the realm of content marketing. In today’s age of content overload, AI is indispensable for streamlining the processes.

With the rules of content marketing changing every year (if not sooner), AI is an indispensable tool for content marketers to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Here are a few notable ways in which AI is changing the landscape of content marketing for the better:

Auto-generated Content
  • For simple stories like stock updates or sports reports, content marketers are using AI to auto-generate such content pieces.
  • This technology is being used so regularly and efficiently to write such content, it is almost impossible to detect the hand of an algorithm by the layman.
  • In fact, this has been going on for years and is hardly a recent phenomenon.
  • Companies such as Yahoo, Fox, and Associated Press, have been using machines to auto-generate content over the years.
Customised Newsfeed
  • Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, now use AI to customise news feeds, so their users only see posts of personal interest.
  • These algorithms analyse hundreds of variables to predict posts that a user will like or comment on, and the ones they would prefer hidden or marked as spam.
  • In fact, the advertisements that appear on your social media feed are related to your search or browsing history.
  • Information such as this helps marketers discern which sort of content their visitors find most engaging.
  • As a result, they can increase their social engagement by creating content of a similar kind.
  • Analysing the advertisements the target audience is most likely to click also helps content marketers tailor-make their own Facebook Ads.
Predictive Intelligence
  • The evolution of predictive intelligence has made content marketing so much more efficient.
  • Companies can now customise their content so it appeals to the individual needs and interests of their customers.
  • Lead-scoring is a points system that helps figure where your prospects are in the buyer journey.
  • Using predictive intelligence allows marketers to speed up their sales process by study buyer personas and customer behaviours and market accordingly.
  • This also helps marketers decide which content pieces are ideal for which a group of customers.
  • Content marketers can target specific styles of content that the customers suitable for conversion are most likely to engage with.
Better Content Curation
  • Content curation refers to scouting for, organising, annotating, and sharing, the most relevant and best quality digital content on a topic for your target audience.
  • It is hardly a cakewalk to regularly curate engaging and relevant content, however, there are a lot of algorithms which you can now use to make your process more efficient.
  • Right from researching trending topics to improving lead conversion rates – – AI has become a fairy godmother to solve all your content curation woes.
  • Algorithms allow you to collect a vast amount of data on your target audience- their reading habits, queries, concerns about your business, and so on.
  • As a result, you can create and curate such content that resonates with your audience and answers their questions- thus boosting engagement and the conversion rate.

Even the best technology isn’t a substitute for a good strategy. However, the evolution of artificial intelligence has made an effective content marketing strategy a plain sailing!

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