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10 Unique Ways to Create Engaging Content For YouTube Channels

YouTube is like a Pandora’s Box. It’s like a secret treasure chest full of amazing videos that include everything from a cute cat playing a piano to an in depth video essay about climate change.

You must have spent hours at looking at a viral video and wondered what makes certain YouTubers get millions of followers while others fade into oblivion.

We have to use the cliched phrase called “Content is king” because the truth is there are thousands of videos being uploaded every days so the only thing that can make your YouTube channel stand out is engaging content. Let us look at 10 unique ways in which you can create engaging content on YouTube:

Trust Your Topic

YouTube tends to put channels and topics into categories so that someone looking for a music video is not guided to academic videos about postmodernism. But we are not talking about simple broad categories because it all comes down to storytelling. Your video needs to tell a story that’s appealing to both you and your audience. People either watch YouTube channels like nerd writer which teach them something new or subscribe to channels like Saturday Night Live which assures them mindless entertainment.

Your topic must come from your heart and from a point of genuine interest because people can see through when a youtube channel is just trying to go with the flow and trying to cash in on a trending topic. There should be thorough research on the topic itself and your video should offer a unique viewpoint to prevent it from getting lost amidst tones of similar videos.

Consistency is Key

There are YouTube channels which make great videos every three or four months and then disappear. That’s not how the internet works. Your subscribers will expect consistency from you and if you can stick to a regular schedule with a fixed frequency of videos they will become loyal to your content.

Duration Determines A Lot

Most people watch YouTube videos on their smartphones and tabs while on commute. They will simply switch to another video if your video feels too long.  But unfortunately if your video is too short it will hardly make an impact and people will forget about it instead of sharing it. The average videos are of four minutes in duration but if your video is more academic and explanatory you can go up to ten minutes.

The Quality Is Crucial

It is true that if the content is engaging enough, the quality of footage or the equipment used is secondary. But people are used to watching a minimum level of quality and it’s important to use a decent camera which can shoot in high definition quality. If your content involves personal interaction make sure the lighting is on point because people won’t be able to connect with you if they can’t see yours or the talent’s or subject’s face properly.

Audio is Everything!

Your content needs to get across to people and no matter how engaging it is, they won’t be straining their ears to listen to you. If you are a voice over based or face to face interaction based YouTuber then you must ensure that you have a decent microphone setup in place. Proper live recording is even more vital for people who create content based on vocal or instrumental song covers.

Engagement Must Be Optimum

A viral YouTube video is one which does not only play on loop in the same echo chamber and instead is shared by people across countries, genders, age groups and even languages. You must make sure that the content is interactive enough to get people talking in the comments thread. You must also engage with your subscribers in the comments to ensure that there’s constant discussion about the video.

Sense Of Humor Sells

There’s no denying that the videos we share the most are the ones that make us smile or brighten out day. But if your content is on a serious topic you can’t possibly have a video that looks or sounds anything like a gag, a comic sketch or a series of loosely tied jokes. The idea is not to bombard your content with humor (unless it is meant to be out and out comedy) but to add a layer of humor to it which can range from subtle wit to clearly designated punchlines.

Acknowledge the Community Feelings

Successful YouTube channels listen to their fans. If people are requesting a particular video from your channel, surprise them by doing it the very next week. Talk about their comments on your video and maybe do a Q and A to answer some popular questions. This makes people feel special and ensures that they will keep coming back to your channel because you are creating content taking their choices into account.

Have A Signature Hook

Most successful channels have videos which start with the exact same phrase, the exact same music or the exact same opening graphics. This sets the tone for your channel and makes your videos instantly recognizable. This also ensures that all of your videos have a coherent structure and style. Versatility does not mean tones of different videos which might as well as have been videos from different channels. Create an identity and stick to it.

Make it User Friendly

Have subtitles to reach out to people who don’t understand your language. Have annotations in place to link to other videos which might act as footnotes. Give a shout out to other YouTube channels you like from time to time. Last but not the least, put in a friendly reminder asking your fans to subscribe at the end of the video. No matter what the medium is it all comes down to making someone sit down to listen to a tale. Make sure you tell them a good one.

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